2022 World Premiere Plays

directed by Rebecca Wright
Arden Theatre Company
March 3-April 10


When Avery leaves his job on a cruise ship to return home and keep an eye on his cantankerous recently widowed mother, Mel, he expects his glamorous life of karaoke nights in international waters is over. But a chance meeting on an app, a series of mangled run-ins with the new Neighborhood Association, and a long-waited for birth are going to convince him that life is just beginning.

directed by Stevie Walker-Webb
Baltimore Center Stage
March 17-April 10


Roger and Brandon, an interracial couple living in South Baltimore, are doing the best they can. Their mortgage is late, Roger’s been laid off for months, and there might be a ghost in the attic. It’s a lot. And that was before all of their parents had to move in with them. The Folks at Home is a contemporary riff on the beloved family sitcoms of the 1970s.

directed by Reginald Douglas
Everyman Theatre
May 31-June 26


After a chance meeting, Mackenzie realizes that she’s seen Ellison somewhere before—as a contestant on a reality dating show from 10 years earlier. Struck by the girl she remembers from the old clip, Mackenzie decides they should be friends and quickly gets caught up in an escalating series of hijinks to make that happen. Mackenzie’s quest pulls in Chris, who is doing his best to be a weird loner, and Taffy, an amateur sleuth who never met a stranger, as the group wrestles with life’s greatest mystery: how to make friends as an adult.