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Selected TV Commentary:
I Couldn’t Help But Wonder… Does Sex and the City Still Hold Up After 20 Years?
The Emancipation of Olivia Pope
The New Food TV Is a Stress-Free, Sous-Vide For the Soul
This Is What It Feels Like When the Teenage Dream Looks Like You
‘Queer Eye’ Is, More Than Anything, A Docu-Series About Queer Emotional Labor
The Whitney/Brandy ‘Cinderella’ Was One of the Most Important Movies of the 90s

Writing about Movies:
The ‘City of Angels’ Soundtrack Is 20 Years Old and Still the Best Album to Cry To
Every Sandra Bullock Outfit in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Is Pajamas
Groundhog Date: How a Classic Comedy Taught Me About Love, Healing, and Existential Angst

Maxine Waters Does Not Feel Vindicated Yet
What Am I Supposed to Do With This Shit?: On Trump, His Racism, and Finding Hope for the Future
On Roy Moore and the Death of American Christianity

Trying New Things!:
I Was a Male Makeup Virgin Until Rihanna Came Into My Life
I’ve Been on the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fitness Journey

Illustration by Josh Cochran

The New York Times

Opinion: Let Us Buy Cake
Book Review: Writing Lines for Obama, Mixing Comedy and Hope
Fashion: Gucci’s Diversity Drag
Travel: A Proposal at 6,436 Feet, With No Sushi in Sight

Philadelphia Inquirer: The 5 Best Dog Parks for People Who Don’t Actually Have Dogs

W Magazine: Why Renata is the Star of Big Little Lies, According to Renata

Innovators Peak: The History of Black Cowboys, Uncovered

Newsworks: On the Sound of Black Joy

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Man Repeller

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