Check out my daily humor, Eric Reads the News.

The New York Times

Illustration by Josh Cochran

Opinion: Let Us Buy Cake
Book Review: Writing Lines for Obama, Mixing Comedy and Hope
Fashion: Gucci’s Diversity Drag
Travel: A Proposal at 6,436 Feet, With No Sushi in Sight

W Magazine

Why Renata is the Star of Big Little Lies, According to Renata

Philadelphia Inquirer

The 5 Best Dog Parks for People Who Don’t Actually Have Dogs

Man Repeller

Life Secrets from Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram
Oscars 2017: Meh, but That Ending…
In Praise of ‘Scandal,’ My Escape From CNN
I’m So Obsessed With ‘This Is Us’
10 Works of Black Literature America Needs Right Now


On the Sound of Black Joy
Cliff and Clair take a family vacation without the kids

Innovators Peak

The History of Black Cowboys, Uncovered
Has Black Twitter Jumped the Shark?

Philadelphia Magazine (click images to read)

ThinkingDance (click images to read)

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