At a ceremony in Philadelphia on October 24, Time Is On Our Side, produced by Simpatico Theatre, won two Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre. Eric accepted the Independence Foundation Award for Best New Play and he was joined on stage by Simpatico Artistic Director Allen Radway and Time‘s director Jarrod Markman to accept the Virginia Brown Martin Philadelphia Award which recognizes a production that “demonstrates the ability of theatre to illuminate the ways we live and interact with others as we seek to build community.” The award grants $25,000 to the producing theater company.

Read more about the Barrymores here.

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R. Eric Thomas is a Barrymore Award-winning playwright and stand-up dramedian. He has been called “one of the most talented storytellers in Philly” by the Philadelphia Weekly. He is the long-running host of The Moth in Philadelphia. He writes a regular humor column for Elle.com in which he “reads” the news and frequently lectures on intersectional comedy and using narrative structure.

Eric has appeared on RISK! and The Soundtrack Series multiple times; he gave a talk at the 2011 TEDxPhilly conference. Since 2014 he has also worked with TED to coach TEDx speakers. In addition to ELLE.com and ELLE magazine, his writing has appeared in Redbook, Marie Claire, Good HousekeepingPhiladelphia Inquirer,  Delish. com, Man RepellerFusionPhiladelphia Magazine, NewsworksThinkingDance, and ATTN among others.

His produced plays include Time Is On Our Side (commissioned by Simpatico Theatre Project, 2016, Barrymore Awards for Best New Play and the Virginia Brown Martin Award), Human Resources (City Theatre Summer Shorts, 2015, 2015 City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting, published: City Theatre Anthology 2015), the wordless puppet play Frieda the Invisible Woman (developed with Aaron Cromie, FringeArts 2015), When You Put It Like That It Just Sounds Ridiculous (2014 City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting), Always the Bridesmaid (First Person Arts Festival, 2012, Gayfest! 2014), Will You Accept This Friend Request? (First Person Arts Festival, 2011), and The Spectator (Run of the Mill Theatre Company, 2003). He is a second year member of The Foundry, a Philadelphia playwrights lab, and a first year member of InterAct Theatre Company’s CORE Playwrights program.

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  1. I went to The Moth for the first time, and Eric was an amazing host! I don’ t know which I loved more: Eric or the stories I heard. Run to see Eric if you have the chance

  2. My friend and I are addicted to The Moth and love Eric’s incredible wit and spontaneous commentary. We attended our first in the summer and have been regulars ever since. Word has gotten out and the event is PACKED. Great news for Eric. Beyonce rules!

  3. I have been keeping a window open with your Elle article “The Immaculate Shade of Joyce Beatty” and extremely accomplished people frolicking in balloons. When I need a boost I look at the window and feel cheery. Tomorrow I am taking it to brunch to spread the cheer.

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