Hi. It’s R. Eric Thomas.

I’m a television writer, playwright, and the national bestselling author of Here For It, or, How to Save Your Soul in America (Ballantine), an August 2020 Read with Jenna club pick as featured on Today, Reclaiming Her Time: The Power of Maxine Waters (with Helena Andrews-Dyer, Dey Street), and the forthcoming YA novel Kings of B’More (Kokila).

I write a humor newsletter and a weekly essay on pop culture and nostalgia. You should definitely subscribe to both!

I’ve been heard on The Moth Radio Hour, NPR’s It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, All Things Considered, and Pop Culture Happy Hour, as well as a host of podcasts. I’m also the the long-running host of The Moth in Philadelphia and D.C.

For four years, I was also a Senior Staff Writer at Elle.com where I write “Eric Reads the News,” a daily current events and culture column. My writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Time, W Magazine, O the Oprah Magazine, and more.


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What’s new…

The first of two episodes that I co-wrote for the AppleTV+ hit Dickinson is out now! It’s episode four of season three, titled “This is my letter to the World.”
Announcing a new book–my YA novel debut! Kings of B’more, a funny, heartfelt Baltimore-set rom about friendship, joy, and the potential of the future, comes out May 31, 2022. Get more information here.
A new comedy! Opening May 2022! Directed by Reg Douglas and produced by Everyman Theatre.
Another new comedy for the stage! Opening March 2022! Directed by Stevie Walker-Webb and produced by Baltimore Center Stage.

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3 thoughts on “Hi. It’s R. Eric Thomas.

  1. I went to The Moth for the first time, and Eric was an amazing host! I don’ t know which I loved more: Eric or the stories I heard. Run to see Eric if you have the chance

  2. My friend and I are addicted to The Moth and love Eric’s incredible wit and spontaneous commentary. We attended our first in the summer and have been regulars ever since. Word has gotten out and the event is PACKED. Great news for Eric. Beyonce rules!

  3. I have been keeping a window open with your Elle article “The Immaculate Shade of Joyce Beatty” and extremely accomplished people frolicking in balloons. When I need a boost I look at the window and feel cheery. Tomorrow I am taking it to brunch to spread the cheer.

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