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He’s here, he’s queer… now what?

A smash hit at the 2012 and 2014 GayFest, Always the Bridesmaid returns with all new material that takes on marriage, equality and the next best thing.

In an 80-minute solo play that is by-turns side-splitting and searing, stand-up dramedian R. Eric Thomas (The Moth, RISK!) constructs a romcom for a new age, stopping along the way to tell hilarious tales of dating disasters, crises of faith and massive consumption of wedding cake.

“At just under an hour and a half, Always The Bridesmaid accomplished a combination of depth and entertainment that many performers strive for their entire careers.” — Edge on the Net

“But what could have been flip, cutesy and corny was anything but. It’s a show that preaches the power of  recalibrating expectations of ourselves and admits that, like Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant Louise (Jennifer Hudson) says in the Sex and the City movie, he’s here for everything that L-O-V-E promises.” — Bill Chenevert, Philadelphia Weekly (read the full review here)

Written and performed by R. Eric Thomas

Directed by Jarrod Markman

Dramaturgy by Rebecca Adelsheim

Sound Design by Patrick Lamborn



October 7  @ 7pm

October 12 @ 7:30pm




I’m hosting Tabu’s first stand-up comedy competition. 16 comedians vie for the title of Funniest in the Gayborhood, a $1000 cash prize and their own show! 10pm, Tabu Sports Bar and Lounge


Josh Schonewolf presents a contest to find the ultimate male-identified performer in the Gayborhood. I’m hosting Tabu with a judging panel featuring Mistor Fahrenheit, Amber Hikes and Timaree! ’10 Weeks of competition featuring drag kings, dancers, go-go boys, & guys with a secret talent! 10pm, Tabu Sports Bar and Lounge

September 19th – BAUER HOUR

I’m the special guest star on Eleanor Bauer’s BAUER HOUR, a talk show, variety show, shit show, parlor show and cabaret show. A space and time for whatever seems most important now and not later. This performance is part of the FringeArts Late Night Series. 10pm, FringeArts Stage, FREE!

September 20th – White Rabbit Red Rabbit

A different actor at each performance read for the first (and last) time the true life story of a young Iranian.  I’m going on for one performance in this really compelling piece that I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Every night a different actor is given a sealed envelope containing the script and the actor and audience discover the play together. I’ve been given strict instructions not to Google the piece or ask any questions. This is a theatrical fight club, people. 5pm, FringeArts

October 21th – The Moth

I’m back hosting The Moth in Philadelphia! Another evening of true stories, boldly told. This month’s theme is HUNGER (also known as my life story). I am having such a blast hosting The Moth; it’s literally a dream come true. 7:30pm, Painted Bride Arts Center


falling-off-the-horseGood news for stalkers! New posts are up occasionalish on my dramedy blog, I Just Have a Few Notes.


Welcome! Here’s some things!

Last summer I finished a year’s worth of development with Artists U, a phenomenal program with branches in Philly, Charleston and Baltimore. The past 12 months have been no less than revolutionary for me and much of the credit goes to this amazing program. I am able to think about myself and my work in a new way, I challenge myself to take my work seriously, to ignore self-doubt that tells me what I make artistically isn’t important. I came away with a new Artist’s Statement and a two-year plan, documents that are unprecedented and extraordinary for me.  I also came away with a respect for and pride in what I do. I have big goals and I know how to plot the small steps to reach them.

I’m so very grateful to the fellow artists who went through this year with me and the phenomenal facilitators who shared their experience, practice and wisdom. The people in this picture are already doing amazing things (check out The Bearded Ladies or Team Sunshine Performance Company or Raphael Xavier or Applied Mechanics or, really, just on the site). I’m truly honored to have been included in this class and I’m excited to live up to the confidence that Artists U has shown in me!

More info:  Artists U

In other news:

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