Will You Accept This Friend Request?

R. Eric Thomasphoto: James Carminati

Originally produced by First Person Arts as part of First Person RAW

R. Eric Thomas combines his distinctive blend of humor and heartbreak to craft a love story about race, sex, and the Internet.  Weaving together intimate revelations with pithy observations, Thomas tells a universal tale about making connections and making mistakes.

So, let me get this straight: you want me to follow you on Twitter, but it’s not okay to follow you down the street, break into your house and take a bath in your tub?  Social mores.  So confusing.

In this hilarious solo show, Thomas leads audiences through the trials and travails of coming out, dropping out and stepping out on his own, all through the sometimes distorted view of a computer screen.

A sold-out hit at the 10th anniversary First Person Festival, Will You Accept This Friend Request? asks the question, in the age of cyber omnipresence, where do you really belong? 

Directed by Meg Walsh; dramaturgy by Jeremy Stoller.

Back in Philly by popular demand!  One night only!  Exclamation point!

June 22, 2012 at the Society Hill Playhouse

Will You Accept This Friend Request? has just been added to the stellar line-up of Full House: A Series of Cabarets.  Brought to you by Quince Productions, the company behind this winter’s sold-out hit Overexposed: A Slightly Awkward Peepshow, starring R. Eric Thomas, Daniel Student and Jennifer Macmillan, Full House is a five day, nine show performance extravaganza.

Tickets and series passes are on sale now: TICKETS

Grow up.  Log on.  Freak out.