Always the Bridesmaid

A romantic comedy about boys, God & baked goods.

“At just under an hour and a half, Always The Bridesmaid accomplished a combination of depth and entertainment that many performers strive for their entire careers.” –Andrew Clark, Edge on the Net


photo credit: Jay Olsen

R. Eric Thomas is reteaming with Quince Productions for the world premiere of Always the Bridesmaid, a new solo show that takes on love, marriage equality and the next best thing. Using his signature blend of humor and heartbreak, seen in the sold-out runs of Will You Accept This Friend Request?  and this year’s Quince production Overexposed: A Slightly Awkward Peep Show, Thomas questions what the real definition of marriage is—what it means to the gay community, what it means to the individual and what it means to God.

Arriving just in time—at a point when marriage equality bubbles to the surface of current political debate and companies like Nabisco and Facebook make controversial strides toward inclusivity—Always the Bridesmaid captures the excitement and trepidation of this very moment.

In an 80-minute journey that is by-turns side-splitting and searing, the popular performer takes the audience on a journey that begins in the pew of a black church in Baltimore and ends at an altar, stopping along the way to tell hilarious tales of dating disasters, crises of faith and massive consumption of wedding cake.

~Currently touring~

Press Information:

R. Eric Thomas – 484-843-1089 –

Click below for Hi-Res.  All photos by Jay Olsen.



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