Here you’ll find a comprehensive selection of videos and links to short form performances.  You’ll find stories from story slams, commercials, and a copy of videos my phone took from my pocket…


RISK! w/ Kevin Allison  (Mature content)

First Person Arts Story Slams

“Weird Trips”

Summer Grand Slam ~ Winner: Best Presentation

“Friends with Benefits”

“In Stitches:

Other slam videos:

“First Impression” – in which I stalk a new co-worker

“Do It Yourself” – in which my parents don’t call me

“High Point” – in which I channel Peter Pan and Charlie Sheen

“Love Difference” – in which I get dramatic comeupance

“Do Overs” – in which I jog with ulterior motives

“Bad Company” – in which I am suspiciously employed

Yum’s The Word

Tell Me A Story

“America’s Sweetheart”



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