Time is on Our Side-Simpatico

The most amazing thing about the truly astounding process of bringing this play to life has been the opportunity to engage with people in conversation about characters and circumstances that I care deeply about. I’m so grateful for all of the comments and positive reviews that Time Is On Our Side has gotten, but this conversation critique is especially moving. At the end of the day, I just want to make art that sparks conversations, that touches people, that resonates. I’m so very thankful to the people behind this blog for taking the time to engage with the play on an emotional, artistic and intellectual level. I’ve re-blogged their thoughts below but I encourage you to check out Bonaly’s site for other great conversations on local theatre.


Sarah Grimke works in performance of all types in the Philadelphia region. They’ve been on stage, backstage, and in the office for years now.

Lawrence is a queer feminist playwright who only contains multitudes on Wednesdays.

Goldie is a dramaturg and director who loves socially conscious and feminist work.


What show did you guys see? I saw a preview.


I did, too, but not the one you saw.


I was there opening night.


What was in your pockets?


I know a number of people involved and have worked with some of them. I wanted to like this show going in.


I was really nervous to see this, because I saw the reading and I really didn’t like it. And I want R. Eric Thomas to succeed because I’m a fan of his writing and storytelling. So I was expecting to be disappointed.



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