Am I Famous Yet?

On this, the last Thursday of the most lit Black History Month since George Washington Carver was like “Y’all will not believe what this little nut can do”, I present a special #TBT.

As you know, a few weeks back an open letter to Beyonce went viral. I was like, “Girl, I have arrived!”


“I’m famous. No more UberX for me. Black cars only, please!”

I quit my job. I moved to Branson (“The Hollywood of the Midwest!”) I opened up a bed and brunch (ain’t nobody got time to get up and make breakfast)!

But. Then I posted another blog post and the Internet was like “Sorry, we’re really obsessed with Daniel’s shoes right now. Please leave a message.”


However, I was Googling myself (as one does) and I came across this video from Yum’s The Word, Robin Gelfenbien’s fabulous storytelling show and ice cream cake party, and I remembered,  this was not my first brush with Internet fame!

Over a decade ago, I went hilariously, tragically and very controversially  viral with an ill-timed satire about Black History Month. And, because I am a whore for fame, I am bringing it up again! I’m Faye Resnick, y’all, and I’m ashamed of myself.

Give this story a listen. It’s a scream. You will have emojis about it.

And then!

Check out my wonderful fiance’s recent TEDx Talk on the intersection of sexual orientation and spiritual identity. It’s wonderful and heartfelt and revolutionary and I’m obsessed with him.



One thought on “Am I Famous Yet?

  1. FYI my coworker and I are obsessed with your blogs, please keep writing them. We start cackling at each other from separate sides of the office every time one goes up.

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